Wednesday, 14 December 2011

November Monthly Painting Challenge: Design for Fabric

This was fun! I chose the subject for this month, now that's a bit scary! You cant please everyone! But it was nice; the other artists seemed happy with it. :)

I began with watercolour paper. Decided to do some masking with aquadhere in a random sort of way and finished with watercolour when the aquadhere had a dried skin on it! I love to experiment and quite often only have a basic plan in my head.

I do like the way the glue spread a bit and provided some lovely lines from the paint brush. And because it was random I called it "Random".

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New Painting!

"Lone Fish in a Fantasea"
Acrylics on canvas
24 x 30cm
$150 excluding postage.

This new work is a bit of fun! We bought 3 new fishies for our pond today and I was feeling very fishy! The pond is finished now and looks beautiful...thanks to my husband! We have a waterfall and fountain, lots of hidey places for the fish and plants of course! Now to keep the cats away.....

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New work coming up!

After finishing Geoff's painting I am just a little bit enthralled with Fantasy right now! So as I had a spate of bird painting, now will be a collection of Fantasy. Cant wait to get going with it! First up will be a wizard.

"Battle Immanent"

Geoff Sodaberg's painting
Acrylics on canvas
25 x 25cm
Geoff is making me 2 of his wonderful creepy creations and we are swapping!

Monday, 14 November 2011

"Ostara Ogling Olives"

This is my Monthly Painters Challenge entry for Oct/November! The Challenge was to create a work beginning with O. So here it is! BTW, Ostara is the Germanic Sun Goddess. I like goddesses...and Paganism. I can relate to that much better than any other set of beliefs.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

This is the painting the random winner will receive when I reach 100 Likes on my FB page!
30 x 22cm very good quality canvas, Acrylics.
"Watery Night Reflections"
Easy! Just go to my page and click Like!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New work coming up!

Two commissions, both acrylic on canvas. One of an enormous storm over the paddocks and the other is a Fantasy which will be a big surprise! Watch this space!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

My work for the last 23 days

I've been working on a self set project of a painting a day. Just a little half hour work, although some of them turn into 3 hours depending on the complexity of the work! Mostly watercolour and mostly birds and a couple of landscapes with big skies at this stage. I love painting birds! Here is a selection of recent little paintings.

September Monthly Painters Challenge

Hi all, well, I found the topic "Dislike" to be a little difficult! I think we all did at first. Was going to base it on Consumerism (one of my pet dislikes) Then thought of at least a dozen other contemporary topics I could use. Made a list...discounted the list and decided to go with personal dislikes. So it ended up being my dislike of my fears...those I had in childhood that have carried through to adulthood. I am still running from them.

I wanted the sequence of images to be a little dream dreams are in Technicolor and Dolby Sound so for me this is dreamlike! The child in blue is me carrying a candle because of my fear of the dark. The collapsing staircase is my fear of heights and the very large dog with slavering jaws is my fear of very large dogs! I actually enjoyed painting it....

I dont know that painting my fears has destroyed them at all...time will tell. Enjoy <3

Sunday, 7 August 2011

It's been a while.....

Since I blogged. been so busy moving my daughter and grandchildren into their own house.  They are very happy with their A frame Fairy House! It's lovely with beautiful views. Very quiet here now. But that's ok...enjoying the peace and serenity. They are only 10 minutes away so I see them every day. :)

Working on the Monthly Challenge and happy with the way it's going :) It's an interesting idea I am using.....wait for it!!!!!!

Ok, time to go and read and sleep. See you all tomoz with smiley faces and happy thoughts.
Love to all

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Back to the Eco-dyeing again today...great fun collecting the dry organic matter, making the dyes, wondering what is going to happen! Sometimes it works...sometimes...well, you can imagine!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Monthly Painting Challenge.

My painting is a 15 x 15cm work depicting the Ritual (June's Challenge) of the Gray Nomads going north to escape the southern winter. This is something I will be doing myself in a couple of weeks, all going well. :)
I love a painting trip up to the North /West of WA.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Friday the 15th here in The Land of Oz is the day we artists of the Monthly Painting Challenge reveal our paintings of the last month....very exciting. We are given a theme and run (or stagger!) with it. Click the link to view June's challenge works.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Back from the semi-dead!

Hi everyone, fell in a black hole for a couple of days but I clawed my way out as usual. Life can be very difficult at times.
Anyway, back into art in a big way! And very happy to be doing it!
Love to all

Friday, 24 June 2011

Eco Dyeing 2

I have discovered that Eco Dyeing is a real hit and miss experimental and exciting form of fibre art!!!!! It needs incredible patience...something I will need to develop.Lol.....and a sense of humour! Dyed another scarf yesterday and added more to the 2 T-shirts. Still more to go but that's part of the beauty of can keep adding more botanic shapes and colour for as long as you like! Very important to keep wet for as long as possible.  So the experiments continue....more to come. PS They are not ready for photos yet...soon!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Eco Dyeing

Spent a lovely afternoon with Sue Chard (fibre artist) learning Eco Dyeing...on silk, wool and cotton. We walked round my 5 acres collecting all sorts of old leaves, tree sap and interesting things. Including puff balls. We cooked em up and dyed a silk scarf and two t shirts. They are beautiful! I am very excited about this!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Monthly Painters Challenge Artists

I am one of the wonderful artists who are members of the Monthly Painters Challenge.


I have a lovely old friend arriving this afternoon for a couple of days...cant wait! Sue is an allsorts artist. She is bringing some silk and we are going to do some natural dyeing with leaves and stuff! Shibori! She has been a rock in my up and down her dearly <3

Pottery class

I taught a pottery class this afternoon to 20 or so 9 yr olds! Great fun and some very creative woolly sheep were produced. 

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Had a lovely Sunday...slept in till 10am...went to an Exhibition in the local hall..very good photography and found out the couple who do it live about 4 houses away!...went to the Bakery for a lovely real coffee and a yummy caramel cheesecake, came home and did nothing for a while then into the Shed! Created an old falling down Aussie cottage with peeling iron etc, 3 little birds, 3 little elephants and a quizzical cat. All out of white clay. So all in all a great day!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

News from the Shed

Completed a little acrylic on canvas painting last night. I like to work at night...less distractions. I'll post a pic today. Off to an Exhibition this morning in our local Community Hall! And then coffee and a yummy cake at our award winning Bindoon Bake Haus......A nice way to spend Sunday especially if the weather is lousy!

Friday, 17 June 2011


Had a successful bisque firing of the kids (yr 4)  pottery thingies last night. Very happy some turned out as most exploded! Will post pics when they are glazed.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Chittering Fine Arts

I have just been to a meeting for this group about our Exhibition on September goes for a week. We have 20 members and 19 are exhibiting. Very exciting! Will let you know more when it gets closer. :)

Fibre Arts

Great Australian Doorstops, rock, bleached and distressed velvet, leather, beads, embroidery. All Sold

"Bush Pot" Jute, fabric, wood, string. sold

"Dancing Shoe" Hand carved MDF, enamel paint, barbed wire and dog chain with clip. Sold

"Seapot not a teapot" Jute, wool, seashells. Sold

"The Second Book of Fowel" Handmade artist's book, folio size, handmade paper, cardboard, hand dyed fabric, Water colour, ink. A history of birds from prehistoric to modern. Collection of the artist.

"Old Woman of the Sea" Costume for Broome Worn Art. Hand dyed fabric, jute, beads, shells, bones, wood.

"Recycled Beach Dress" hand painted-acrylics and textile medium, shells and embroidery for Broome Worn Art.

Detail of above

Detail of above

Detail of above

Some more paintings

"After Cyclone Monty" Acrylic on canvas, view from my backyard. sold

"On the Verandah" Acrylic on canvas. Sold

"Lost Surfboard" Reduction Lino Print.

"Woman of the Storm" Handpainted Mono Print

"Rainwashed Figs" Acrylic on canvas. Sold

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Favourite Pilbara Paintings

"Pilbara Gorge" Acrylic on canvas, Sold

"The Burrup Peninsular" Oils on canvas

"Dive, dive" Oils on canvas

"Still Water" Watercolour on paper

"The Old Greek Bloke" Acrylic on paper

"Dampier Dawn" Acrylic on canvas

"Lost Tribe" Acrylic on canvas

"Mt Nameless
Acrylic on canvas

"Pilbara Land" acrylic on wood

"Pilbara Pool" Acrylic on wood

"The Artist's Lunch" Acrylic on canvas

"Surfing Chicken" Etching

"Tom Price Savannah"  Acrylic on board

"Storm Coming" Acrylic on canvas

"Reflections" Acrylic on canvas