Thursday, 16 June 2011

Fibre Arts

Great Australian Doorstops, rock, bleached and distressed velvet, leather, beads, embroidery. All Sold

"Bush Pot" Jute, fabric, wood, string. sold

"Dancing Shoe" Hand carved MDF, enamel paint, barbed wire and dog chain with clip. Sold

"Seapot not a teapot" Jute, wool, seashells. Sold

"The Second Book of Fowel" Handmade artist's book, folio size, handmade paper, cardboard, hand dyed fabric, Water colour, ink. A history of birds from prehistoric to modern. Collection of the artist.

"Old Woman of the Sea" Costume for Broome Worn Art. Hand dyed fabric, jute, beads, shells, bones, wood.

"Recycled Beach Dress" hand painted-acrylics and textile medium, shells and embroidery for Broome Worn Art.

Detail of above

Detail of above

Detail of above

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