Sunday, 16 October 2011

September Monthly Painters Challenge

Hi all, well, I found the topic "Dislike" to be a little difficult! I think we all did at first. Was going to base it on Consumerism (one of my pet dislikes) Then thought of at least a dozen other contemporary topics I could use. Made a list...discounted the list and decided to go with personal dislikes. So it ended up being my dislike of my fears...those I had in childhood that have carried through to adulthood. I am still running from them.

I wanted the sequence of images to be a little dream dreams are in Technicolor and Dolby Sound so for me this is dreamlike! The child in blue is me carrying a candle because of my fear of the dark. The collapsing staircase is my fear of heights and the very large dog with slavering jaws is my fear of very large dogs! I actually enjoyed painting it....

I dont know that painting my fears has destroyed them at all...time will tell. Enjoy <3


  1. Great post Cathryn and glad you are list maker like me... I have sketchbooks filled with lists of idea, most of which make no sense about ten minutes after I write them. I loved your piece this month and the collapsing staircase at the top is my favourite part. Perfect highlights xx

  2. TY Tracey! Always make lists of everything, then for yrs the lists hide in books (as bookmarks) or vanish when the Gremlins take them! Then I find them and am fascinated by the ideas on them! So pleased you like the staircase...I do too!