Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Monthly Painters Challenge, December

Alfoil, stitched paper and oil paint.
12 x 18cm


  1. Wow, such a beautiful piece. I thought it was a photograph to begin with. Such a zen feel to it, worth the wait. Glad you were able to upload it. Xx

    1. TY Tracey!
      Here is how it's done. I just take a new canvas or you could use up one of your "mistakes"....even better. You will then need Aquadhere, Alfoil, some interesting paper or fabric scraps and oil paint...I used dark green and yellow ochre.

      Begin with a thought in your head...mine was fish in pond with algae problems. Paint the canvas with Aquadhere quite thickly and glue on scrunched up Alfoil until you have it looking balanced and as you would like. It can be as thick as you like...just add more glue to the layers of Alfoil. Leave some areas bare to add on paper or fabric scraps how ever you would like. When that is all dry...about 24 hours depending on the weather...using an old scratchy brush, begin to rub in your oil paint into the Alfoil. If you find it's too thick rub back with an old rag or add some thinners then rub back. In the top left corner of mine I have left it thickish but rubbed back the section under that to make it shine. Very simple....have a go...lots of fun!!!!